My Sales



Microsoft Pacesetter Award FY 1991
All my professional life has been about sales. To name all the companies I have sold to in my career would easily exceed the space on this site, and yet would be meaningless.

A transaction is done between people – not necessarily between companies.

It all depends on the relationship of the seller and the purchaser.

To give you a better understanding of my sales abilities, I list methods, characteristics
and also a few respected companies I have successfully completed transactions.

A sale is done by getting the ultimate decision maker saying YES to the offer. While
selling to an individual is always a bit more selling emotionally, B2B sales in addition requires a bit extra work and preparation.

Addressing Ultimate Decision Makers – CEOs, Managing Directors, Board
Members. I firmly believe that sales will be easier when addressing the right person;
who has the authority to say yes. Even though it might be much harder work to get
in front of the Decision Maker, a sale will be ultimately easier.

Word-To-Mouth-Sales – By successfully implementing a referral system, regardless
of any financial reward, people often have found me, interested to buy. Outstanding service, charisma, friendliness and overall delivery what has been promised is the key
in getting a name in the market or industry.

Persistency – A NO does not mean NO for ever, but rather a current not now. By
keeping a business relationship alive, regardless of the outcome, increases chances to get a YES at a future point. Many times the YES has found me, than the other way around.

Face-To-Face – The ultimate sale, especially of very high value is still done face-to-face. Anything technical with a long sales cycle requires ultimate personal skills. As liking, believing and trusting are forerunners of any sale, strong positive charisma and excellent communication skills helped me to win many new customers.

Remote selling through the telephone – Cold calling, as awful it may sounds is a very effective tool to address numerous key decision makers in a short period of time.
Not just an effective method to get face-to-face appointments – also to get a sale through communication methods of telephone, email and fax is something I have perfected. Without having the visibility as in a personal meeting, an outstanding approach – professional but also personal – has won me many large clients.