My Sales Management

As a true leader in sales, the overall strategy going
forward is very important. In my professional career, I
have proven many times over that targeting new mar-
kets can be successfully accomplished – either with
small adjustments to an existing strategy – or through
creating something from scratch.

Evaluating overall sales strategy – evaluating ex-
isting and future products, markets and competition,
I have created additional revenue streams from new
markets, which substantially increased profit margins.
From improving existing strategies to implementing
new strategies, improving existing sales teams to es-
tablishing new teams, channel partners and affiliates.
Implementing a pro-active approach of new prospects
to increasing conversion of existing leads.

Partner management – a less expensive way to suc-
ceed. To collaborate with local partners in different
markets have proven to boost revenue, without major
increase in costs. These partnerships had been very
successful especially in entry markets without existing

Establishing new sales teams in key markets – my
role had been to evaluate future business opportunities
and to establish a new sales office within the defined
region. While starting from scratch I have hired, trained
and coached new starters to become the best within
their industry. A very hands-on mentality, leadership
through do as I do have shown best results. I have
taken more than once a new office to the number one
within the company structure.

Affiliate Marketing – together with the Marketing
teams, a successful affiliate structure had proven to
increase incoming leads, and provided good market
data, which markets and sources to focus on in the
future. It had shown trends, which lead into a success-
ful launch of a new own sales team, or lead into a
successful partnership with a local provider.



Bruno Walter, Sales and Marketing Director, Philips Speech Processing GmbH

“I was supervisor of Oliver and responsible
for Philips Speech Processing Consumer
Software worldwide. During this time,
Oliver has been responsible for Europe.
In this correlation he consulted part of
the European subsidiaries regarding sales
and marketing of the Philips Consumer Software products.
In detail, he took care of retail and OEM customers, acquired
new accounts, has lead the talkings to agreements and closed
them, has planned marketing activities in cooperation with
the HQ and was in charge of Philips Consumer Communication.
He persuaded me with
(1) a short period of vocational adjustment and autonomous,
(2) systematic and efficient handling,
(3) best market and product knowledge and
(4) experience of the retail software market.

Today, we still work together. Even if we arein different businesses.”
May 4th, 2009

Bruno Walter, Sales and Marketing Director,
Philips Speech Processing GmbH